[Electro ID]

Timaeus smiles.
Timaeus Woodworth
Talent Ultimate Librarian
Height 193cm (~6 ft 4 in)
Build Skinny as hell
Birthday October 10
Pronouns he/him
Likes Learning new things, mysteries and puzzles, ice cream
Dislikes Violence, standardized testing, pickles
Aoi thinks.
Aoi Himura
Talent Ultimate Pathologist
Height 183cm (~6 ft)
Build Pretty lanky
Birthday August 29
Pronouns they/them
Likes Oversized sweaters, cats, science fiction
Dislikes Sunburns, bright lights, messy food
Gisela "Gugalanna" Velasquez
Talent Ultimate Luchadora
Height 142cm (~4 ft 8 in)
Build A very small brick house
Birthday May 3
Pronouns she/her
Likes Yelling, cute girls, suplexing her enemies
Dislikes Not yelling, losing, ghosts
Honoka Ueda
Talent Ultimate Tap Dancer
Height 162cm (~5 ft 4 in)
Build A little plump
Birthday March 4
Pronouns she/her
Likes Teamwork, show business, 1920’s fashion
Dislikes Disorganization, being ignored, bad drummers
Ishi Utsunomiya
Talent Ultimate Roller Derby Jammer
Height 177cm (~5 ft 10 in)
Build Thicc AF
Birthday April 7
Pronouns she/her
Likes Skimpy clothing, energy drinks, dunking on assholes in XBox Live
Dislikes Bullies, cold weather, League of Legends
Jurou Takahashi
Talent Ultimate Ikebana Artist
Height 175cm (~5 ft 9 in)
Build A little scrawny
Birthday July 29
Pronouns he/him
Likes Roses, garage bands, daydreaming
Dislikes People making fun of his family, milking cows
Kapono Alana
Talent Ultimate Paleontologist
Height 147cm (~4 ft 10 in)
Build Round... soft.....
Birthday February 23
Pronouns he/him
Likes Dinosaurs, scarves, cotton candy
Dislikes People talking over him, inaccurate artistic depictions of paleolithic plant life
Michi Kurosawa
Talent Ultimate Chainsaw Artist
Height 155cm (~5 ft 1 in)
Build Twunk
Birthday January 18
Pronouns he/him
Likes Arts festivals, pranks, pastel aesthetic
Dislikes Cherry wood, party poopers, law enforcement
Nikola Ragnvaldsson
Talent Ultimate TV Pitchman
Height 178cm (~5 ft 10 in)
Build A little pudgy
Birthday November 13
Pronouns he/him
Likes Bow ties, chamomile tea, Oxiclean
Dislikes Sour candy, being alone, large power tools
Talent ???
Height 152cm (~5 ft)
Build Much heavier than she looks
Birthday January 1
Pronouns she/her or it/its
Likes Curly hair, being cute, sticking her finger in electrical sockets
Dislikes Rain, classical music, CAPTCHA codes
Riko Shirai
Talent Ultimate Aerospace Engineer
Height 215cm (~7 ft 1 in)
Build Terrifyingly elegant
Birthday December 17
Pronouns she/her
Likes Professionalism, innovation, Star Trek
Dislikes Ignorance, low ceilings, Star Wars
Salvatore Benevici
Talent Ultimate Paparazzi
Height 165cm (~5 ft 5 in)
Build Pretty slender
Birthday June 6
Pronouns he/him or they/them
Likes Drama, cute guys, street fashion
Dislikes Liars, clickbait, cops
Siegfried Iskandar
Talent Ultimate Operatic Tenor
Height 188cm (~6 ft 2 in)
Build Fairly muscular
Birthday July 19
Pronouns he/him
Likes Attention, nice suits, pineapple
Dislikes Pop music, fried foods, singing in French
Tiffani Fairfax
Talent Ultimate Tech Support
Height 160cm (~5 ft 3 in)
Build Surprisingly athletic
Birthday June 22
Pronouns she/her
Likes Dogs, vacations, coffee
Dislikes Literally everything else
Vasundhara Mwamba
Talent Ultimate Knitter
Height 200cm (~6 ft 7 in)
Build A regular-sized brick house
Birthday February 3
Pronouns she/her
Likes Alpaca yarn, neon pink, clementines
Dislikes Hurting people, clothes shopping, cockroaches
Yusra Samara
Talent Reserve Student
Height 167cm (~5 ft 6 in)
Build Pretty average
Birthday May 25
Pronouns she/her
Likes Interior design, charity work, turn-based strategy games
Dislikes Coarse fabrics, budget cuts, chocolate

Lobby – Here’s where you kids will meet up when I’ve got important announcements to make! Sometime’s it’s hard to convey the correct… tone unless you’re here in person. The drama. The mortal terror. Y’know what I mean?

Dorms – Look, I put everyone’s names on their rooms! And their pictures on the doors! I bet even the green-haired dumbass could figure out which room is his!

Cafeteria – Getting hungry? Just stop by the Dreadnought’s cafeteria for your three square meals a day! All food is either fresh from our on-board hydroponic gardens or sealed by the manufacturer, and never poisoned– or your money back!

Kitchen – Not content with eating those parsnips raw? Try out our state-of-the-art kitchen, with granite counters, restaurant-grade ovens, and stainless steel knives! Lots of knives.

Pantry – Enough food here to last a decade and satisfy any craving you have! As long as those cravings are approved by the health board of Hope’s Peak Academy. So no instant coffee, sorry Tiffani!

Recreation Room – Feeling a bit stir-crazy? The rec room is the place to be! Challenge your friends to a game of pool, kick back and watch a few B-movies, try and get that old Atari up and running… or you know, kill someone and escape your starbound prison!!

Library – Things getting too noisy in the rec room? Head to the library for some old-fashioned reading by cozy firelight! Do kids even read books these days? AO3 is where it’s at! Maybe you can try getting there from the computer catalog, I’m sure Tim has an extensive rec list.

Laundry Room – Even you neckbeards have to wash your underwear at some point, right? Well, our washers and dryers are top of the line, and you won’t run out of detergent or bleach anytime soon! Even if you use it for non-laundry purposes!~

Restrooms – THIS is where you’re supposed to pee, okay? Not on the frakking couch!!

  • No violence against the Captain.
  • No vandalization of the ship interior.
  • Daytime will begin at 0700 and end at 2300. Entering restricted areas is prohibited.
  • Sleeping overnight outside of the dorms is prohibited.
  • Unless given permission, the Captain may not interfere with students that follow the rules.
  • If a student commits murder AND their classmates fail to accuse them in trial, they have won the killing game and may return to Earth.
  • The Captain may add rules as necessary.
MONOFile #1
  • VICTIM: Gisela “Gugalanna” Velasquez
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Electrical shock
  • TIME OF DEATH: 11:01pm
  • BODY DISCOVERERS: Vasundhara, Ishi, Timaeus
Aoi's Testimony
Gugalanna’s body is covered with electrocution burns where it touched the liquid on the floor, but no other injuries are visible.
Movie Night Schedule
The movie night lasted from 9:00pm until well after midnight. Gugalanna left during the climax of the first movie, and the nighttime announcement played just a few minutes after that.
Piece of Paper
There was a small piece of paper trapped in one of Ping’s hands. Something was written on it, but the fragment Timaeus retrieved only shows a tiny bit of ink in the corner.
Dents in Ping's Body
The dents in Ping’s body are long and rectangular. They were likely caused by something similar in size and shape to a baseball bat.
White Powder
There’s a tiny bit of white powder inside some of the dents on Ping’s body.
Puddle of Bleach
A puddle of bleach covers the floor of the laundry room.
Kapono's Project
Kapono’s working on a drawing of some sort, but he won’t show it to anyone. He says it’ll be finished by trial.
Vasundhara's Testimony
Everything in the laundry room is how Vasundhara found it this morning, almost immediately after the doors unlocked.
Bleach Bottle
There’s an empty bleach bottle next to the door of the laundry room closet. Michi said it was still on its shelf when he did laundry the previous morning.
Jurou's Testimony
Jurou heard someone leave during the first movie. It sounded like they were dragging their heels as they walked.