In space, no one can hear them scream.

Sixteen students from Hope's Peak Academy wake up to find themselves trapped aboard a mysterious space station, thousands of miles from home. Their only way out? Get away with murder. Who will survive the horror of the Dreadnought, and who will succumb to death and despair?

LATEST UPDATE: [Chapter 1 - 024]

MONO-9000 waves.
Hey there, fleshbags– are you ready for the CLASS TRIAL?! I sure am…
MONO-9000 speaks.
But my minion artist sure is not! Writing, coding, art, music… It all just takes time! No matter how often I threaten to sever her limbs…
MONO-9000 sparkles.
Oh well! Keep an eye on the Tumblr or Twitter (or right here) for progress reports and a release date! And if you feel like throwing currency at your lovely murder orb, check out the Ko-Fi now!