Danganronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft of course, but the characters, art, and writing in Dreadnought Despair are all by me, Amelia! After all the modification to the setting and structure, I’m pretty sure this qualifies handily as a transformative work, but intellectual property is fake anyway.

The Tech

I coded this site from scratch, using Hugo to build it and Netlify to host it. (I may try converting it to a theme at some point, but the code is a jury-rigged mess!) The lightbox code used for illustrations is SimpleLightbox by Damir Brekalo. The fonts used are Teko, Luciole (BIG fan of this one), and Cascadia Code!

I use Krita for sketching and all the fun art I do outside of the fic! Clip Studio Paint‘s vector inking and comics tools have been invaluable for the sprites and illustrations in this fic, though. And all the pixel art is done in Aseprite!

The People

I know I ain’t great at keeping up with group chats and the Socialed Media but I appreciate each and every one of y’all who’s stuck around through my hiatuses and wacky update schedule! The past few years have been A Lot but y’all keep me going!!

I wanna do a special shout out to the beta reader gang, especially Roadie (read apex academy) for her editorial feedback, Jen (look at her portfolio) for her help with my German, Bee (look at her blog) for all her encouragement and Victor (everyone say thank you Victor) for his help with trial planning and being an awesome mod!!

Last but absolutely not least thank you to my bf for being a good good bf and listening to me wrassle with endgame plot stuff at 1:30am. also thank you to my cats for being horrible little fur gremlins. and thank YOU (yes you) for reading!!!