[Electro ID]

This page is also a work in progress! Here’s the student IDs, though.

Timaeus smiles.
Timaeus Woodworth
Talent Ultimate Librarian
Height 193cm (~6 ft 4 in)
Build Skinny as hell
Birthday October 10
Pronouns he/him
Likes Learning new things, mysteries and puzzles, ice cream
Dislikes Violence, standardized testing, pickles
Aoi thinks.
Aoi Himura
Talent Ultimate Pathologist
Height 183cm (~6 ft)
Build Pretty lanky
Birthday August 29
Pronouns they/them
Likes Cleaning things, oversized sweaters, cats
Dislikes Sunburns, bright lights, messy food
Gisela "Gugalanna" Velasquez
Talent Ultimate Luchadora
Height 142cm (~4 ft 8 in)
Build A very small brick house
Birthday May 3
Pronouns she/her
Likes Yelling, cute girls, suplexing her enemies
Dislikes Not yelling, losing, ghosts
Honoka Ueda
Talent Ultimate Tap Dancer
Height 162cm (~5 ft 4 in)
Build A little plump
Birthday March 4
Pronouns she/her
Likes Teamwork, show business, 1920’s fashion
Dislikes Disorganization, being ignored, bad drummers
Ishi Utsunomiya
Talent Ultimate Roller Derby Jammer
Height 177cm (~5 ft 10 in)
Build Thicc AF
Birthday April 7
Pronouns she/her
Likes Skimpy clothing, energy drinks, crushing 12-year-olds on XBox Live
Dislikes Bullies, cold weather, League of Legends
Jurou Takahashi
Talent Ultimate Ikebana Artist
Height 175cm (~5 ft 9 in)
Build A little scrawny
Birthday July 29
Pronouns he/him
Likes Flowers, garage bands, daydreaming
Dislikes People making fun of his family, milking cows
Kapono Alana
Talent Ultimate Paleontologist
Height 147cm (~4 ft 10 in)
Build Round... soft.....
Birthday February 23
Pronouns he/him
Likes Dinosaurs, scarves, cotton candy
Dislikes People talking over him, inaccurate artistic depictions of paleolithic plant life
Michi Kurosawa
Talent Ultimate Chainsaw Artist
Height 155cm (~5 ft 1 in)
Build Twunk
Birthday January 18
Pronouns he/him
Likes Arts festivals, pranks, pastel aesthetic
Dislikes Cherry wood, not being taken seriously
Nikola Ragnvaldsson
Talent Ultimate TV Pitchman
Height 178cm (~5 ft 10 in)
Build A little pudgy
Birthday November 13
Pronouns he/him
Likes Bow ties, chamomile tea, Oxiclean
Dislikes Sour candy, being alone, large power tools
Talent ???
Height 152cm (~5 ft)
Build Much heavier than she looks
Birthday January 1
Pronouns she/her or it/its
Likes Curly hair, being cute, sticking her finger in electrical sockets
Dislikes Rain, classical music, CAPTCHA codes
Riko Shirai
Talent Ultimate Aerospace Engineer
Height 215cm (~7 ft 1 in)
Build Terrifyingly elegant
Birthday December 17
Pronouns she/her
Likes Professionalism, innovation, Star Trek
Dislikes Ignorance, low ceilings, Star Wars
Salvatore Benevici
Talent Ultimate Paparazzi
Height 165cm (~5 ft 5 in)
Build Pretty slender
Birthday June 6
Pronouns he/him or they/them
Likes Honesty, cute guys, street fashion
Dislikes Liars, clickbait, cops
Siegfried Iskandar
Talent Ultimate Opera Tenor
Height 188cm (~6 ft 2 in)
Build Fairly muscular
Birthday July 19
Pronouns he/him
Likes Attention, nice suits, pineapple
Dislikes Pop music, fried foods, singing in French
Tiffani Fairfax
Talent Ultimate Tech Support
Height 160cm (~5 ft 3 in)
Build Surprisingly athletic
Birthday June 22
Pronouns she/her
Likes Dogs, vacations, coffee
Dislikes Literally everything else
Vasundhara Mwamba
Talent Ultimate Knitter
Height 200cm (~6 ft 7 in)
Build A regular-sized brick house
Birthday February 3
Pronouns she/her
Likes Alpaca yarn, neon pink, clementines
Dislikes Hurting people, clothes shopping, cockroaches
Yusra Samara
Talent Reserve Student
Height 167cm (~5 ft 6 in)
Build Pretty average
Birthday May 25
Pronouns she/her
Likes Getting things done, interior design, charity work
Dislikes Laziness, budget cuts, chocolate