[About the Setting]

The Dreadnought universe is not terribly different from our own, at least at first. It’s set several years in the future, and technology is a bit more advanced than modern day, especially in fields like robotics and space travel.

Hope’s Peak Academy

Hope’s Peak is a prestigious school devoted to educating those with unusual, near-supernatural talent. Recruitment scouts travel the world looking for the students with the greatest potential to become masters in their field, and bring them to their massive campus in ████, Japan, free of charge, where they can devote as much time as possible to honing their craft (think a smaller-scale Rapture from Bioshock.) Graduates of Hope’s Peak Academy have the opportunity to change the world as we know it, or are at least guaranteed a successful career for life.

Main Course - “Ultimate” Students

“Ultimate [talent]” is the title given to each student accepted into the main course. It may sound a little melodramatic, but it’s not a title given out lightly! Contrary to popular belief, though, it doesn’t always mean that student is the best in the world at what they do– just that they show the potential to become the best in the world.

Reserve Course

Hope’s Peak is primarily supported by government funding and donations, but the amount of research work they do combined with federal budget cuts resulted in the opening of the Hopes Peak Reserve Course, a branch of the school open to any student who can afford tuition. While the curriculum is obviously not as stringent as that of the main course, the Hope’s Peak name is enough to get a foot in the door at the vast majority of employers.

The Tragedy


Killing Game Structure

For those who haven’t played the Danganronpa games, here’s how the games are usually laid out:

Daily Life

Downtime for the students to recover and interact– after all, where’s the fun in making them kill each other if you don’t give them time to get attached to each other first? This usually includes exploration of any new areas unlocked aboard the station and free-time events where Timaeus can talk to the students one-on-one and learn more about them.

Abnormal Days

MONO-9000 gives the students a motive to kill each other. It could be something that threatens the whole group, or a promise of something life-changing. Who knows?


Once a murder finally happens, the students are given time to investigate the crime scene for any evidence that could point towards the killer. More information about the mechanics as they appear in this fic will be published once the first murder occurs.

Class Trial

After MONO-9000 decides investigation has gone on long enough (or he gets bored) the Class Trial begins. The students must work together to solve the murder and vote for who they believe to be the culprit– if they get it wrong, [REDACTED] and if they get it right, the culprit is punished and the cycle begins again.

Misc. Notes