[Talk - Vasundhara]

Vasundhara's door.

I knocked quietly on Vasundhara’s door. Silence, for a few seconds. But just as I turned to leave, the door opened a crack and two watery eyes peeped down at me.

Vash whimpers.

U-um… did you need something…?

Tim sighs.

Yeah, I just– I wanted to tell you that, um, so you don’t have to worry about it… I was the one who…

Vasundhara gasps.

Vasundhara’s eyes went wide with fear, and I hurried to finish my sentence before she had the chance to work herself up into a panic attack.

Tim yelps.

B-but I didn’t tell anyone! And I won’t tell– I’m sure there’s an explanation, right? Y-you wouldn’t… hurt anyone on purpose.

Vash looks miserable.

She nodded silently.

Tim smiles gently.

…You don’t have to talk about it. I just wanted to make sure you knew that your secret’s safe with me. Okay?

Vasundhara nods.

…okay… th-thank you…

She smiled at me, just barely, before closing the door.

Well, she was taking it about as badly as I had expected. I did wonder what her story was, but I figured she would tell me when she was ready. Hopefully she’d calm down a bit now that she knew who had her secret…