[Talk - Kapono]

Kapono sat on top of one of the washers, out of the way of everyone, quietly scratching away at a pad of paper.

Tim blinks.
Huh… What are you doing?
Kapono speaks.
…You’ll see.

Curious, I tried to sneak a peek at the paper, but he clutched it to his chest and frowned.

Kapono frowns.
…Not done yet.
Tim frowns.
Um, okay?
Kapono looks away.
I’ll finish… by trial… you’ll see.
Tim smiles nervously.
I-I guess I’ll leave you to it, then…

He huffed and went back to scribbling. Probably best to stay out of his way… But what was he working on?

Evidence List Updated!

Kapono's Project
Kapono’s working on a drawing of some sort, but he won’t show it to anyone. He says it’ll be finished by trial.