[Chapter 1 - 001]

Timaeus looks at his Electro ID pensively.

MONO-9000 disappeared through the ominous door, and the crowd slowly dispersed, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I booted up the tablet– called an Electro ID, according to the lockscreen– and looked over the map.

Red text in the sidebar labeled this area the Core. This room turned out to be the “Lobby” after all, and the inner doors I’d passed in the hallway led to our dorms. The outer doors apparently opened to other large sections of the space station… It looked like the northernmost one was open now?

The room at the center of the Core had no description or name, and since that was where MONO-9000 had come from, I had no desire to visit it anytime soon.

Where should I go first?

Map of the Dreadnought's Core.