[Free Time - Ping]

I found Ping sitting like a statue in front of the TV in the rec room, poking at one of the controllers for that old game console. The screen didn’t seem to be on…

Tim smiles.
Hello! Whatcha doing?

Her head pivoted around slowly to face me, like an animatronic out of a horror movie trailer.

Ping smiles vacantly.
Tim laughs nervously.
Ping pouts.
Ping wants to play a game! But it won’t turn on…?

She pointed at the console with a pout. Looked like it just didn’t have a game cartridge in it yet– I guess she was too new a robot to know how to work an old clunker like this thing. I barely knew how to work this thing– was it an Atari?? It practically belonged in a museum.

Tim grins.
Oh, I can show you how it works! Which of these games do you want to try…?