[Chapter 1 - 006]

Tim wakes up. He's wearing cute green pajamas, and his hair is a certified mess.

I didn’t sleep terribly well that night, as you can imagine. And just after I had finally settled down after tossing and turning for hours… it was morning again, according to that robot.

Ding dong bing bong!

The morning announcement.
Good morning, scrubs! It’s 0700 on the dot, which means it’s now officially daytime! The kitchen and laundry room will unlock shortly. Have a miserable day!

The screen turned off again, but the searing red light had already done its damage against my poor half-awake eyes. I’d probably have a massive headache by this afternoon… But I decided I wasn’t going to have a miserable day just because MONO-9000 told me to.

So I got dressed, fixed my hair, took my meds, and headed for Sector 1 to try to be social. I mean, who knows how much longer we’ll be stuck up here? Might as well get to know people…

Free Time Start!

Map of Sector 01, showing where the available students are located. Jurou is in the kitchen, Nikola is in the cafeteria, Tiffani is in the library, and Ping is in the rec room.