[Chapter 1 - 007]

I finished my sad mockery of a sushi roll for lunch, and took the plate back to the kitchen to wash it off. On my way out, I caught sight of a little note pinned to the fridge…

The sign-up sheet for cooking dinners throughout the week. Every person's name is written in their own handwriting. The order is: Jurou, Honoka, Nikola (with a smiley face,) Gugalanna, Kapono, Yusra, and Siegfried.

Funny how people’s personalities can show through their handwriting, huh?

I’d made good headway on getting to know people so far! And there was still the whole afternoon to go before Honoka made supper tonight. I headed back to my room to regroup, and decide who I’d visit with next…

Free Time Start!

Maps of the Core and Sector 01. Aoi is in the library, Salvatore is in the cafeteria, and Siegfried and Vasundhara are in their rooms.