[Free Time - Salvatore]

Salvatore grins.
There you are, darling!~

I had just barely walked through the door to Sector 1 when Salvatore seemed to materialize from thin air, twirling a pen between his fingers.

Tim looks confused.
You were looking for me…?
Sal smiles.
Oh not particularly I suppose, just keeping an eye out for the folks I haven’t properly interviewed yet! Why don’t you take a seat over there?

He gestured towards the chairs at the back of the room.

Tim laughs nervously.
U-um, interview?! For what?
Sal huffs.
Isn’t it obvious? For the breaking news report I’ll be posting as soon as we find the tiniest sliver of an internet connection! This entire situation is absolutely ridiculous and I won’t have anybody getting the deets out before me.

Despite my qualms about the situation, I found myself sitting down in one of the chairs anyway. Salvatore chose to sit on top of the table instead, crossing his legs daintily.

Tim thinks.
But I thought you worked more with, like, celebrity drama?
Sal laughs.
And aren’t you all celebrities? Practically every main course student at Hope’s Peak has a massive fan following! Even if you don’t know it.~

He grinned his shark-toothed grin.

Sal grins.
But that’s beside the point. No, it’s not my talent exactly, but someone should be keeping a record of what happens up here, right? And where better to start than getting to know everyone in excruciating detail?
Tim smiles.
Oh… I guess that’s a good idea.

In fact, it was such a good idea that I started keeping my own record of events– so, here we are.

Sal chews on his pen.
So, talk to me, doll. How are you holding up?