[Chapter 1 - 010]

Nikola's making a mess in the kitchen.

I wandered into the kitchen to find something easy to make for lunch– instead, I found Nikola bustling about from counter to counter, hands covered in flour. Figures that he’d be a stress baker, huh?

Nik apologizes.
Hi Tim!!! Sorry about the mess you might wanna fix something microwaveable I don’t wanna get flour all over you!
Tim smiles.
That was the plan anyway, ahaha. What are you making?
Nik grins.
Cinnamon buns! Hopefully!! It’s so hard to find anything in this big ol' kitchen… But you can try the filling if you want!

I swiped a little filling from the edge of the bowl as he rummaged through another cabinet… it was really good! Looks like it’ll be a while before it’s ready, though. And there’s still a couple of people I haven’t gotten around to visiting…

Free Time Start!

Map of the Core. Kapono, Gugalanna and Ishi are in their respective rooms.