[Chapter 1 - 009]

Ding dong bing bong!

The morning announcement.
Good morning, scrubs! It’s 0700 on the dot, which means it’s now officially daytime! The kitchen and laundry room will unlock shortly. Have a miserable day!~
Tim grumbles.
Yeah, frick you too.

I grumbled at the screen as I dragged myself out of bed. The adrenaline from the last couple of days had worn off by now, leaving more a depressed pile of nerves than an anxious one… But there were still people I hadn’t talked to yet, and spite for MONO-9000 was a powerful motivator.

So I changed my clothes and took my pills and fixed my hair and set out to find some more of the students I hadn’t hung out with yet.

Free time start!

Map of the Core and Sector 1. Michi is in the rec room, Honoka is in the laundry room, Riko is in the hallway, and Yusra is in her room.