[Chapter 1 - Evidence]

MONOFile #1
  • VICTIM: Gisela “Gugalanna” Velasquez
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Electrical shock
  • TIME OF DEATH: 11:01pm
  • BODY DISCOVERERS: Vasundhara, Ishi, Timaeus
Aoi's Testimony
Gugalanna’s body is covered with electrocution burns where it touched the liquid on the floor, but no other injuries are visible.
Movie Night Schedule
The movie night lasted from 9:00pm until well after midnight. Gugalanna left during the climax of the first movie, and the nighttime announcement played just a few minutes after that.
Piece of Paper
There was a small piece of paper trapped in one of Ping’s hands. Something was written on it, but the fragment Timaeus retrieved only shows a tiny bit of ink in the corner.
Dents in Ping's Body
The dents in Ping’s body are long and rectangular. They were likely caused by something similar in size and shape to a baseball bat.
White Powder
There’s a tiny bit of white powder inside some of the dents on Ping’s body.
Puddle of Bleach
A puddle of bleach covers the floor of the laundry room.
Kapono's Project
Kapono’s working on a drawing of some sort, but he won’t show it to anyone. He says it’ll be finished by trial.
Vasundhara's Testimony
Everything in the laundry room is how Vasundhara found it this morning, almost immediately after the doors unlocked.
Bleach Bottle
There’s an empty bleach bottle next to the door of the laundry room closet. Michi said it was still on its shelf when he did laundry the previous morning.
Jurou's Testimony
Jurou heard someone leave during the first movie. It sounded like they were dragging their heels as they walked.