[Exploration - Lobby]

The room Timaeus woke up in.

Is this a lobby? I’m going to call it a lobby. White leather couches sit in the center of the room– they aren’t as comfortable as they look. Inset fluorescent lights line the ceiling, and there’s a tacky plastic potted plant next to the wall. There’s nothing else of interest here… except, of course, for that door.

A close-up of the large black door, covered in red graffiti.

The clinical tidiness of the rest of the room only made the dripping red graffiti stand out more. What was it even supposed to be? If I squinted, it kind of looked like a planet with a ring around it, or one of those marbles with swirls inside… or an eye?

The most disturbing thing about the door, however, was that I could still smell the spraypaint. This had to have been made recently…