[Prologue - 002]

As my consciousness slowly faded in, my first thought aboard the Dreadnought was how cold it was. Cold enough that the surface of the floor stung my cheek, but I didn’t dare open my eyes yet.

I tried to dispel the fog in my head by focusing on facts. My name is Timaeus Woodworth. I’m 18 years old (at least? I think?) and six-foot-four, I have a mum and dad and two little sisters and the last thing I remember for sure was standing at the entrance to Hope’s Peak Academy. So why was I passed out on the floor? And didn’t the school have wooden floors, not…

The first thing Timaeus sees-- his hand and some students lying unconscious on the shiny metal floor.

I opened my eyes. The floor was, in fact, cold polished metal, and I had no earthly idea where I was.

My limbs felt like they hadn’t moved in years as I shoved myself upright and glanced around the room. This place was like nothing I’d ever seen before. The stark walls made me think of a hospital or laboratory, but the funky lighting along the ceiling made me think of a movie theater, and the leather couches made me think of a… hotel lobby?? What was this place?

It wasn’t even rectangular– I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first, but there was a definite curve to the front and back walls, giving the room a wedge shape. On the outer wall was a plain door frame that opened into a hallway, and on the inner wall was a large hatch, black with a strange red emblem painted in the center.

Most importantly, though, there were other people in the room with me!

Some of them had yet to wake up, but others were roaming the hallway, and a few who had been idling nearby looked at me in surprise. They didn’t seem immediately threatening… might as well introduce myself and try to get some answers.

There are four people in the room: a chubby boy with his hair pulled up into pigtails that resemble pompoms, a large muscular girl with pink hair and a worried expression, a blond demiboy with shark-like teeth wearing suspenders and shorts with leggings, and a person with a large tuft of red hair, a sunglasses-like visor, and an argyle sweater.