[Talk - Vasundhara]

Introduction card for Vasundhara Mwamba, Ultimate Knitter. She's a large, muscular girl with dark brown skin and neon pink hair with eyes, lipstick, and nail polish to match. She's wearing a pink ringer t-shirt and pink wrist-warmers covered in stripes and polka dots-- she knitted them herself.

Vash looks nervous.

The tall girl with neon pink hair stood towards the back of the group, cowering as if she was trying to look half her size. Surely she wasn’t scared of… me? She looked like she could sprain my wrist if she shook my hand hard enough.

Timaeus smiles.
H-hey, um, hi! What’s your name?
Vash looks down at him.

Her voice was low and shaky. I gave her what I hoped was an encouraging smile, and she seemed to relax a little.

I-It’s a mouthful, I know… Most folks call me Vash.
Tim laughs.
My name’s a mouthful, too! Timaeus, it’s, uh, Greek. Most folks call me Tim.
Vash smiles a little.
Tie-may-us… um… Tim. Uhuhu…

Well, she’s not too far off.

Vash thinks of something.
Oh…! Are you… do you go to Hope’s Peak? I’m the Ultimate Knitter…

…Knitter? I didn’t think you needed the muscles of a weightlifter to make scarves and blankets… But those cute wristwarmers did look extremely well-made, now that she mentioned it.

Timaeus grins.
Oh! Yes, I’m the Ultimate Librarian. Knitting sounds like a lot of fun!
Vash looks happy.
Uhuhu, you do look like a librarian… Knitting is fun! I-if you wanted to, I could teach you, if I…

Her face had lit up briefly, but it quickly fell again.

Vash is scared.
If I had my needles… Wh-where are… my needles…
Vash starts crying.
W-w-where are we? Are we g-gonna die?? Uwahh…
Tim panics a little.
A-ah please don’t cry uh– I-I mean we’re… safe for now, right? No one’s hurt? S-so… we just need to stick together! And we’ll figure out what happened to us…

I had no idea if any of that was the right thing to say, but she did seem to calm down a little. She sniffled and rubbed her eyes on her wristwarmers.

Vash sniffles.
Y-you’re right… sorry… I’m just… scared…
Tim smiles gently.
…It’s okay, I am too. C-can I help, or should I just… leave you be?

She nodded weakly at the latter option as she backed away, probably trying to stifle an oncoming panic attack. Poor girl. If I could find her knitting needles somewhere, that would cheer her up, right?