[Exploration - Hallway]

The hallway from the previous post.

This area looked pretty similar to the lobby– same sheet metal walls, same lighting along the ceiling, same cold, clinical atmosphere. The circular shape of the hallway prevented me from seeing down its full length, but there was already plenty to look at here.

There were several red doors along the inner wall. Each one had a handle with a small blank screen above it, and a square plate bearing a little portrait. It looked… pixelly, like something from an old Nintendo.

One of the red doors on the inner wall of the hallway. It has a pixelly portrait of Timaeus on it.

…Was that supposed to be me? Just in case, I tried the door. Locked, of course.

There were doors along the outer wall too, larger and shaped like the one in the lobby. No graffiti this time, though, or anything indicating what these doors were for.

One of the large black doors on the outer wall of the hallway.

I decided to keep a count of how many I saw. So far I’ve walked past two…