[Prologue - 004]

After an unexpected reunion and meeting some unusual folks, I moved on around the hallway. Ishi tagged along behind me, of course.

There apparently was a door on the inner wall for each one of us, if the portraits were anything to go by. It seemed far too convenient– like our kidnapper designed this place specifically for us. Why go to so much effort?

There were also five larger doors along the outer wall, all identical and completely unwilling to open. Nothing else about the hallway seemed particularly interesting, except…

Ishi looks pretty grumpy.
Oh, it’s these guys.
Tim looks confused.
Ishi gripes.
They wouldn’t even talk to me, just ran off down the hallway! Do they think they’re too good for me? Huh?
Tim smiles.
Well, you can be a little intimidating, you know. I’ll try and talk to them.

Three more students stand in the hallway.